Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Welcome to the Wolf's Den

Welcome to the Wolf's Den!

I love writing. I write fight scenes, love scenes, death scenes, and generally any other kind of scene I want to... but writing introductions drives me batshit crazy. So, to spare us both an entire post of self-glorified soapboxing, I'll leave the details of who I am and what I like to leak out from between the lines of my actual posts. (Or, if you actually care about that junk, you can check out the Bio on my creeper)
Suffice to say, my name is Brandon M. Herbert, and I am an author. Ta da. Introduction accomplished.
Actually, I'm a few other things as well, as anyone who follows this blog for a while will eventually find out. Other than the obvious purpose of this blog (*cough cough* to shamelessly promote my writing career), I want to give you, the reader, something useful and/or interesting in exchange interacting with my subliminal (or not so much) marketing platform.
To support this M.O., and save all you wonderful people out in internet-land from yet-another onslaught of random crap shoved through an RSS feed, I will be breaking up my blog posts into sub-catagories for easy digestion. So, while this post really sucks as an introduction (yay!), it will serve its purpose marvelously as a 'How-To' guide for my blog.
Without further adeu, here are our winning catagories:

The Author's Den:

I won't lie, the primary purpose for this blog is to support my writing career as a freelance novelist. I write Urban Fantasy, and my particular brand of Urban Fantasy orbits the supernatural, particularly wolves and werewolves as these have been a fascination/passion of mine since I was was a small child watching monster movies with my Dad. Within that context, my work specializes into two particular genres:

  • My Young Adult Urban Fantasy work includes my debut novel, Walking Wolf Road, and The Wild.
  • In contrast, my World of Shadows and Tales of the Underground series are a blend of Supernatural Horror, Urban Fantasy, and Science Fiction. (Note: Due to the dark and sometimes violent content of these stories, they are recommended for mature audiences.)

It would get boring for you, my readers, if all I do is talk about my own projects all the time. I hope to give you something useful as well, and so I will also be posting tips, tricks, pitfalls, and articles from my own odyssey in Independent/Self-Publishing. If I learned something the hard way, I sure as heck don't want you to!

Starvin' Artist:

This secondary blog catagory relates specifically to my artistic endeavors. While this will be the spotlight for anything relating to my musical work in VolkoV, graphic design, photography, artwork, etc., keeping with the blog's prime directive; I promise to keep self-glorifying b.s. to a minimum, and offer enriching content instead; like tutorials, techniques, and how-to's for random things that I find interesting/educational, and hope you might enjoy as well.

The Review Gauntlet:

Under this heading, I offer reviews and critiques for books, authors, music, bands, musical gear, movies, television series, etc. I know full well which body part opinions resemble, but I value other people's opinions about things, especially if we share similar tastes. So, with that disclaimer in place, I humbly offer my own opinions to you for consideration. If you find that we do not share matching tastes, feel free to ignore these posts; they will be clearly marked.

P.S. To my fellow authors,

If you find yourself driven by some insane urge to hear my opinion on your work, feel free to contact me through my website. If I'm able to review your work, I'll send you my feedback via email. At which point, if you like what I have to say about it, I would be happy to post the review on this blog as well as an abbreviated version on any commerce sites your work is listed on, like Goodreads,, or Barnes & Noble.

Rant Central Station:

Despite the name; I am not actually prone to angry rants. I am however prone to semi-useless philosophical musings and internal debates about this/that/the other thing/and generally anything else that interests me. From here you will likely see everything from an essay comparing regional werewolf mythologies in the Old World, to contemplations on quantum mechanics.
Truth be told, there might be a few topics or events that get me fired up about something enough that the post might become a literal rant.
I will try to label those as clearly as possible.

The Shameless Plug:

The name says it all folks! This (intentionally small) subsection on every blog post is where I will share news, announcements, and promotions; usually 'me-related'. 'Cause I'm selfish like that.

Like this new cover art I'm developing for Walking Wolf Road's official release, ain't it shiny?

Viral du Jour:

This is a place for cats.
Just kidding, this will be the cozy cubby-hole for anything online that I wish to share, be it a particularly humorous picture, a YouTube video, or inspirational meme... or an occasional cat... ;3


You'll never quite recover from being ban-hammered by an angry Scott in a kilt.
I suppose this is as good a time as any to add a disclaimer that I do sometimes speak with moderate profanity.
This post was edited for a G Rating, but for those with sensitivities to such things, you can assume that the majority of my posts will feature language suitable for a P.G. 16 rating. If this offends you, I apologize as that was not my intent, and I completely understand if you wish to discontinue your subscription to this blog.
Along that same vein, I might occasionally post content that runs opposite to your personal beliefs or ideas. My intent for doing so is to prompt critical thought and examination of ideas, not to insult, but I will not tolerate abusive/aggressive responses either. IF however, you wish to engage in a meaningful dialogue about a topic, you are welcome to email me OFF THE BLOG to continue discussion.

To anyone who disregards this warning and attempts to post abusive/aggressive/personally combative content (colloquially known as 'Trolling'): consider yourself ban-hammered. ^_^

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