Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Welcome to the Wolf's Den

Welcome to the Wolf's Den!

I love writing. I write fight scenes, love scenes, death scenes, and generally any other kind of scene I want to... but writing introductions drives me batshit crazy. So, to spare us both an entire post of self-glorified soapboxing, I'll leave the details of who I am and what I like to leak out from between the lines of my actual posts. (Or, if you actually care about that junk, you can check out the Bio on my creeper)
Suffice to say, my name is Brandon M. Herbert, and I am an author. Ta da. Introduction accomplished.
Actually, I'm a few other things as well, as anyone who follows this blog for a while will eventually find out. Other than the obvious purpose of this blog (*cough cough* to shamelessly promote my writing career), I want to give you, the reader, something useful and/or interesting in exchange interacting with my subliminal (or not so much) marketing platform.
To support this M.O., and save all you wonderful people out in internet-land from yet-another onslaught of random crap shoved through an RSS feed, I will be breaking up my blog posts into sub-catagories for easy digestion. So, while this post really sucks as an introduction (yay!), it will serve its purpose marvelously as a 'How-To' guide for my blog.
Without further adeu, here are our winning catagories: